EFT for Animals

Anne Ryan EFT_Animals

Animals can really benefit from healing with EFT. They can feel stressed just like we do. This may be evident by some behavior or habit they have. They may exhibit anxiety in certain circumstances or display an obsessive or compulsive behaviour. Perhaps something happened when they were younger or even more recently. You may know what that was or you may not. Most times our animals are not with us from the very beginning of their lives and even coming from a loving original home they may still carry upsets and traumas.  They have no way of telling us directly and yet we can often see if something is not right with them.  Tapping with animals can either be done by working with their person (owner) and sometimes the animal is present and other times not. It works either way. They can also benefit greatly from Optimal EFT and in my work with animals, I use both depending on what I am drawn to do and what the animal is open to.

Animals often mirror our energy in some way, even if it is not always evident to us. I have seen that when something clears in an animal’s energy that can clear in the energy of their person too. What a lovely bonus when that happens.


I also use surrogate tapping when working with animals. This can be done with or without the animal or their person present. I get as much information as possible from you about your animal, what are they like, how they came to be with the family and what the issue or behaviour is. Using a Surrogate Animal Tapping protocol developed by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master, as well as intuition allows me to tune in to and connect with the animal and work to heal and release whatever happened.

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