Ancestral Healing

Ancestral energy you carried into this life from your conception has the potential to be transformed. As you clear ancestral energy from your roots it allows you to plant new roots into the world, a world of wellness, abundance, happiness and peace. When we struggle to overcome our issues there can be an ancestral element underlying including patterns, traumas and beliefs passed energetically from generation to generation. Healing those old ancestral wounds can bring deep shifts in our healing as well as greater peace to those who have gone before us, our ancestral family. As well as helping you, these changes can benefit the generations after us including our children and grandchildren and beyond. Sometimes the need for ancestral work organically shows up in your one to one sessions and then we deal with the ancestral aspect that has emerged or which appears to be underlying what is stopping you from moving forward. Other times this specific aspect of the work may speak to you or intuitively call you. It can involve one session or sometimes a number of sessions and the outcome can be deep and profound. The sessions can be done with you present, in person or on Zoom or they can be done equally effectively by distance.

“Anne Ryan has done this healing recently for me and my husband and we can already see positive shifts. Some estranged family members started talking again after years of silence and there is a feeling of compassion and ease that was missing. Highly recommend this kind of healing for yourself and your ancestors too!”

Natasa Martinec, Croatia.