Ancestral Healing

Healing the Family Soul is a nine-day ritual for Ancestral Healing, which is done from your own home. As the practitioner, I hold the space for the nine days of the ritual while the Spirit Team does the work.

When you clear your ancestral energy, you can connect to and reveal the blueprint of your soul. Your ancestors, both biological and soul, who can be cleared of all transgressions, then have the possibility to download insights into your consciousness. These downloads may be received in a variety of ways – through meditation, in dreams, through mediumship, through inspiration, or simply through sudden understandings and realisations. Opportunities can come into your life, sent by your family soul in spirit.

These insights can eventually reveal to you your Divine purpose within your life and as a member of your family, and also your chosen soul family. By uprooting your old patterns you can allow your soul’s blueprint to root in a new conscious world.

As the healing happens, your soul energy can begin to clear, including all karma and negative patterns from the family ancestral souls. Ancestral energy you carried into this life from your conception can then be transformed. As we clear all ancestral energy from our roots it allows us to plant new roots into the new world, a world of wellness, abundance, happiness and advanced DNA.

Each day for the nine days, you will have a short ritual to do at home. It will only take 5 – 20 minutes each day. The Spirit Team are responsible for hearing the call from your soul, gathering your ancestral souls, and releasing them all from bondage. This can result in your living family and you, living a healed life. As you move forward it is helpful to remember that it is always our choices and our thoughts that determine our reality.

While you cannot change another person’s behaviour, only they can do that, through Healing the Family Soul, you can give them the potential for awareness which leads to changes. And even though a released soul may still choose to think negatively, when they pass into the spirit, either through physical death or through an awakening, they will download the family soul blueprint themselves, which will lead to them revealing their individual soul blueprint.

Please contact me if you would like to be included in the next round of Healing the Family Soul. I usually hold this healing ritual for a group of people at a time and there is also the option of doing it only for you or sometimes a couple will request it for both of them at the same time.

ENERGY EXCHANGE €33 when I run a Healing the Family Soul distant event for a number of people.


Individual Healing the Family Soul €103 (€200 for a couple)


“Anne Ryan has done this healing recently for me and my husband and we can already see positive shifts. Some estranged family members started talking again after years of silence and there is a feeling of compassion and ease that was missing. Highly recommend this kind of healing for yourself and your ancestors too!”
Natasa Martinec, Croatia.
I am honoured to participate in this work which is brought through by Eliza White Buffalo of The Two Roads Light Foundation.