Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist

Optimal EFT is a further expansion of EFT which involves connecting with our deep inner wisdom or our spiritual being to bring healing, peace and love into our lives. By connecting with Unconditional Love (the Unseen Therapist) we can bring healing to the events and traumas of the past and heal the wounds that hold us back, thus allowing us to experience greater peace within and without.

Gary Craig, the original founder of EFT Tapping, has developed an expansion of EFT in recent years, which is known as “Optimal EFT”. It works by inviting The Unseen Therapist or Unconditional Love to bringing peace to our system.

Optimal EFT is gentle and as will walk together through the session you need no previous experience.

We are all capable of healing completely, and by removing stress and bringing tranquility to our bodies, minds and spirits we can function at our maximum capacity and physically heal a lot quicker.