Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist

Optimal EFT is a way of connecting to Unconditional Love and using that connection to bring peace to our system and heal the wounds that hold us back.

Gary Craig, the original founder of EFT Tapping, has developed an expansion of EFT in recent years, which is known as “Optimal EFT”. It works by inviting The Unseen Therapist” to bringing peace to our system. As we connect with the Unseen Therapist it can allow  insight and healing thus bringing healing your emotions; this allows you to eliminate stress and let peace settle in, which in turn makes your body heal much faster.

Optimal EFT works by connecting love and compassion with ourselves and letting them lift all the negative emotions related to past events.

We’re capable of healing ourselves completely, and this is empowered by removing stress and bringing tranquility to our minds, which in reality is necessary for our bodies to function at their top capacity and physically heal a lot quicker.