EFT Tapping: Optimal EFT with The Unseen Therapist

During an EFT session, we tap lightly with the fingertips on key acupuncture points while focusing on a specific issue. This simple technique releases the energetic blocks that actually cause our physical imbalances and emotional issues. EFT is a pivotal healing tool as it addresses the root cause of the issue thus opening the door for long-lasting healing results and change. It is a gentle, simple, non-invasive and painless technique. Learn more about EFT tapping here.

60 minute session €80

90 minute session  €110


EFT for Animals 

Using a Surrogate Animal Tapping protocol developed by Gwyneth Moss EFT Master, as well as intuition allows me to tune in to and connect with the animal and work to heal and release whatever may have happened to them in the past. These sessions can be done surrogately (distance) or with the involvement of you as your pets “person” either on Zoom or Skype or in person. Learn more about tapping for animals here.

60 minute session €80


Healing the Family Soul – Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is done over 9 days from your home and is done by distance. I usually do this for a group of people at a time.

Group Price: €44 (20% of this is donated to The Two Roads Light Foundation)

Individual Healing the Family Soul session (over 9 days) is €113