What Others Say

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Anne is wonderful and so intuitive and is masterful in EFT and the Unseen Therapist among other things. She works with great intuitive skill, kindness and depth of grace.
Jondi Whitis, EFT Master Trainer and Practitioner, USA

Anne I feel so much better, the tension in my shoulder is almost gone and my digestion feels SO much better. You are doing amazing work for me and I am so grateful.
Natasa Martinec, Croatia

I have found this most wonderful and simple technique so helpful in all areas of my life. Anne’s profound gift with this technique is so present, caring and respectful and encouraging. This is truly a soul to soul experience. I am so grateful for the clarity, awareness and answers found. Thank you for working with me with such love and understanding.
Patricia, County Wicklow, Ireland

“I have had several sessions with Anne. She works in a totally professional manner, keeping me on track with any issues and pinpointing the next step with startling accuracy. Due to her care, empathy and skill I have resolved issues in ways I would never have been able to do by myself. I feel totally safe with Anne and would wholeheartedly recommend her to help you resolve problems and also help your personal growth and development. Thank you Anne the world is a better place for you being in it.”
Jan E. England

“Thank you so much for our session yesterday and for your emotional intelligence and kindness in walking with me to enable me to answer my own question. It was perfect exactly as it was”
Emily de Demko, UK

“Anne is gifted with extraordinary intuition and kindness. My sessions with her have been so gentle but so powerful. She is a born healer and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who might be unfamiliar with a healing session or feel their concerns are deep. You couldn’t be in safer hands.”
Carmel S., Wicklow, Ireland

“As an EFT practitioner, I know how hard it can be hard to let go and place yourself in the hands of another practitioner without resistance and with complete confidence. In Anne Ryan, I recognise someone with a deep commitment to my well-being and enormous skill in the application of this incredible healing tool. Anne’s manner is deeply reassuring: she listens intently, without judgement and with great empathy and her instincts are unerring. Anne has a rare ability to sense when her client thinks the issue is all cleaned out but there is more to do. With firm but gentle and inspired questions Anne compassionately supports her clients to reach the very heart of whatever is in their way and walks beside them to resolution and completion. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne. You will be safe in her hands and amazed at the results, as I can vouch from my own experience. ”
Heather Carter Life Coach and EFT practitioner, UK

I think that you have a huge talent and anybody who gets you as their therapist is very fortunate.
Tyrone Currie, Northern Ireland

The space you held in our session was full of warmth, trust and love. Your energy is so clear and giving and I am deeply thankful to you.
Darren Walker, Kildare, Ireland

Anne Ryan generously offered to do an Unseen Therapist season with me to help with all the overwhelm of our current cancer journey. I was quite surprised and in awe of how effective it was and at how beautifully Anne guided me through the process.  Anne also helped me uncover connecting dots which wouldn’t have made sense to the conscious mind. I couldn’t believe how the time flew by and the trapped energy that we were able to uncover!! As for results, not only have my physical issues greatly subsided but my good friend and neighbour came over yesterday and said, “There’s something different about you. We have the old Linda back again”. Anne certainly helped me get things more in perspective and to release some unnecessary triggers so that I can have a clearer head through this entire confusing maze. Thanks a million Anne. You are such a blessing!!!
Linda Wood EFT Practitioner and Trainer USA

Anne is a very gifted EFT therapist. The session helped me in a very profound way. If you’re fed up of being attached to drama and stories from your past this is for you!
Sabine Florian, Kildare, Ireland

You are a wonderful practitioner, full of warmth and wisdom. I love seeing you use your intuition. It’s a real joy! Thank you for being there for me.
DS France