EFT For Separation of Pigs

By Anne Ryan
I was walking by the river in a local Camphill community where there is a walk open to the public and as you walk along the day to day farming life is there to see. It is an organic and bio dynamic farm and run with many of the less intensive practices of the older days. There is a pig there that had a number of piglets some weeks ago and as I have visited over the last while they have grown from tiny babies to good size piglets.

As I walked this particular day I saw the mother pig, along with another adult pig, in one field and the piglets were in the field beside them. This was the first time that I have seen them separated. The mum and one piglet were running up and down on either side of the fence side by side very agitated and distressed in what seemed to me an attempt to be together. My son age 5 was with me and he spontaneously said” why did they take the baby from its mum, that is really mean”.

I was compelled to tap, I just could not keep going and leave them in that acute state of distress. I tapped saying the same two phrases “They separated us, we want to be together” for about 10 minutes never changing the wording. It felt that it described exactly what was happening for them. Well I have seen the magic of EFT many, many times and I have seen its wonder too but it was magic to see what happened. After a minute or two the frantic running up and down either side of the fence slowed, then the piglet and shortly after the mum moved a number of meters away from the fence and a few minutes later they each moved more towards the centre of their fields and poked the ground with their noses as pigs do.

I returned my attention to my son who was playing near the river and I moved from the view of the pigs to make sure he was safe, all the time tapping “they separated us, we want to be together” until eventually it felt time to stop. About 30 minutes later we passed again where the pigs and piglets were and the baby was in a open shelter with the other piglets and the mum in a shelter in her field with the other adult pig. As we watched the farm workers came to feed the piglets causing them to run out for the food. The activity brought the two adult pigs over to the fence to drawn by the smell of food perhaps. The piglet who had been distressed ate with the others and then wandered off not even noticing the mum who was in close proximity and she did likewise. It was as if the distress a short time before had never happened.

I really wanted to share this as it was so nice to see what EFT did to ease the distress of this piglet and pig.

I was repaid 10 fold that night when my 5 year old had huge fear at bedtime (which comes up from time to time and I believe goes back to a separation from me after his birth.  I was doing some tapping on the points for him to ease his anxiety. Initially I tapped without using any words and then the same phrase came to me in a slightly altered way “they separated us and I really want to be with my mum”. It felt so true, intuitively and I believe that is the gift I was given today by the experience of those pigs. My son was peacefully asleep in about 10 minutes. It confirmed for me yet again that the connection between us and our animals and the parallels are much stronger than we might have thought in the past. .

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for reading my sharing. Many times as I work with EFT and intensities drop I think yes that is what EFT does and then sometimes I see something like my experiences yesterday and I think wow this tool really  is special and amazing and I am gobsmacked all over again.